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Asphalt In The News - Asphalt is still the most recycled waste product in the World.

"99% of reclaimed asphalt pavement is reintroduced in new or rebuilt roadways, making it the nation's reuse champion."

Asphalt In The News - Plastic Roads

Los Angeles is testing the use of Recycled Plastic  in rehabilitating old roads.

Info - Asphalt Oil Price Index

Oregon Department of Transportation updated base monthly asphalt oil price.


Info - Asphalt Shingle Recycling

The use of recycles asphalt roofing shingles in the production of new asphalt.

Info - Perpetual Pavements

A very good article regarding the concept and implementation of perpetual asphalt pavements.


Info - Porous Asphalt

Article and information on Porous Asphalt


Info - Recycling in Asphalt

How and what is recycled in the production of asphalt pavements

Info - Thinlift Asphalt Paving

Thinlift Asphalt Paving Informational Material


Info - Warm Mix Asphalt APAO

Warm Mix Asphalt Informational Article Oregon Asphalt Pavement Association


Info - Warm Mix Asphalt FHWA

Warm Mix Asphalt Informational material by the Federal Highway Administration


Specifications - CALTRANS

Specifications - NDOT

Nevada DOT Roads and Bridges Specifications 2014

Specifications - ODOT

Specifications City of Bend

2018 City of Bend Specifications


Specifications City of Eugene

2015 City of Eugene Specifications

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