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Asphalt Paving Services

Asphalt Paving Services

Asphalt Paving Rehabilitation and/or Reconstruction Design

Over time your new asphalt parking lot or road weathers and begins to fail. Like anything, maintenance is required to keep your asphalt surface looking new. If neglected for an extensive amount of time reparing it becomes quite expensive and may even require a complete reconstruction as your only option. We, at ACM, provide rehabilitation plans that meet both your budget and your expectations. When repairing asphalt paving that has failed there are many different options, and the costs can range dramatically. Repairs can cost anywhere from $0.30 per square foot to $2.50 per square foot or more. They all will make you smile at the end because they will all make your asphalt “look new” again, but they all will not live up to your expectations over time. We make sure that your money is being spent on the correct repair based on your budget and expectations. We take the time to discuss with you and explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of all the different options so you can determine what best fits your budget. Even if you already have bids to repair your asphalt surface, we can help you select the correct one or negotiate with the contractor on your behalf to change the design and get what you need, not what they want to sell you.

Asphalt Design

When designing a new parking lot there are many factors to consider. Oil selection, aggregate size, depth of asphalt and base aggregate, subgrade properties, anticipated traffic volumes, local climate and design lifespan are all factors that are taken into consideration when designing new asphalt. We know asphalt! After 30 years of experience in the paving industry producing, redesigning and constructing pavements, there is no one with more empirical knowledge about asphalt pavements than ACM. At ACM we custom design a finished product specifically for your site and expectations, we are always working for you and in your best interest to design a pavement that will exceed your expectations.

Asphalt Repair

There are many different options when it comes to asphalt repairs, from crack sealing and seal coating to full reconstruction and anywhere in between. These repairs can cost anywhere from $0.25 per SF to $3.00 per SF or more. You need to also consider the life of the repair and ask is it a 3-year fix or a 20-year solution? Our repairs are recommended with your budget in mind. We take time to evaluate all aspects of the project, how it was originally constructed, what kind of traffic volume you expect, the soil and climate conditions and what your goals are for the life of the project. We take into consideration your long-term plan for the site. Are you going to sell soon or stay there for the long haul? These are all necessary considerations when discussing a repair that fits your budget and needs. What happens if you wait a few years to save money for and budget the necessary repair? Make sure you talk to an expert first before you hire a contractor to repair your asphalt. We will save you time and money on your project by making sure that your money is spent where it will make a difference. Start with a plan and tell your asphalt contractor what you want built. You wouldn’t remodel your home without a plan first, would you?

Asphalt Maintenance Planning and Budgeting

Routine maintenance on your asphalt surface can save you a costly reconstruction in the long run. If you own a large asphalt surface, have you had that pavement evaluated recently? Are you setting money aside for routine maintenance in 5, 10 or 20 years? We can help you establish a budget and maintenance plan to keep your asphalt looking new year after year and eliminate the costly reconstruction projects that occurs when asphalt surfaces are neglected for a long period of time.

New construction design

Civil Engineers are good at designing and representing you as the owner on your entire project. They are a jack of all trades when it comes to site development, but with the amount of money it costs to build the first thing your customers see and the surface that they drive and walk on to get to your front door, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you have an expert with 30 years of asphalt experience on your side to make sure the welcome carpet to your business is beautiful, durable and stands the test of time? We have extensive knowledge on evaluating, designing and constructing all different asphalt pavement applications. We pride ourselves in designing projects that incorporate all the latest asphalt research and technology so the project that is constructed meets your traffic demands and outlasts its design life. 

Written Request for Proposal

When you hire Asphalt Consulting and Management, we will provide you a written plan to have contractors bid to. We write a written request for proposal and specifications that tells the contractor exactly what you want. Get your bids quicker, have contractors bid on your plan, evaluate prices fairly and get the project you want, not what someone wants to sell you.

Specification Writing

We are experts at writing specifications. If you are having us write a Request for Proposal, the written specifications that explain the quality standards that you should expect your project to be built to will be included in that request. If you are an owner or engineer and have specifications that are getting old and need a little “updating” we can do that quickly and effectively so you know the contractors will understand the project you expect when it is completed.

Site Drainage Management Solutions

Site drainage and stormwater management are important both to the life of your pavement and the protection of the environment. Storm drains and retention ponds are not your only option in dealing with stormwater runoff. Did you know that you can manage your stormwater runoff without any of these? We can design pavements that are long lasting and permeable, the water runs through them, is stored in the base below where it is naturally treated, filters back into the earth and returns to the aquifer. But if you are having problems with your current storm drain system and need a little tune up, we can do that too.

Bid Solicitation and award recommendation

ACM will design your project with your best interest in mind, develop a written request for proposal that includes site specific specifications to guarantee your project is quality built. We then solicit bid proposals from our extensive list of prequalified contractors that we know build first class pavements and stand behind their work 100%. All bids are based on our design and specifications so there is no question what the contractor included. Finally, we help you select the best contractor to do your project considering all aspect of the project including time, cost and customer service.

Porous Pavement Design and Construction

Porous asphalt is a unique pavement that is long lasting and permeable, the water runs through it up to 100 inches per hour. The stormwater is stored in the drain rock base below where it is naturally treated, filters back into the earth and returns to the aquifer. ACM is the expert in porous pavement. We started by designing and building the first commercial parking lot in Oregon in 2007 and over the years have gained extensive knowledge through experience in design, production, construction and maintenance. Constructing porous pavements is not difficult, but some critical steps must be taken in the process for it to work properly and stand the test of time. If you are constructing a porous asphalt make sure you have a knowledgeable expert on your side that knows how to construct it properly.

Inspection Services

We offer a wide array of inspection services to ensure that your project is built to last with the proper compaction and thickness that meet the design and specification of your project. All asphalt projects look nice and new when completed, but if it is not built right you could be facing costly repairs very soon after completion.

Project Management

Once a contractor is selected and a project is awarded many of our customers choose to keep us on full time as their Owners Representative to manage the project and represent them on site. We work closely with the contract or scheduling the work, making field adjustments as necessary and inspecting the work being performed to make sure it meets or exceeds industry standards for quality and durability. We take the headaches out of your way so you can continue to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Cost Estimating & Budgeting

Knowing what you will spend on your upcoming project before you call a contractor is valuable. We believe you shouldn’t be surprised by the cost of your project. We can tailor your specific asphalt repairs to fit your budget and let you know immediately what you can expect to spend during the design stage so there are no surprises. By being honest and accurate about your upcoming cost helps you plan for the repair and possibly stage the construction over several years, if necessary, to achieve your goals without straining your balance sheet. ACM also provides budgeting services for expected ongoing maintenance of your asphalt pavements and storm drain system. Know what you should spend in 5, 10 or 20 years is valuable and allows you to build that into your cost of doing business.

Recycling Solutions

Asphalt is the most recycled product by weight in the world. The reason is because it saves contractors money by using recycled asphalt or roofing shingles in the production of new asphalt. This is one of the most beneficial forms of recycling around today as it virtually does turn old products into new products without affecting the quality of the asphalt. The asphalt you drive on every day most likely contains 20%-40% recycled oil and aggregate. If done properly it is a tremendous environmental benefit.

Mix Design Selection

The asphalt mix design used on your projects can have a tremendous impact on the life of your project. Not only do they vary in the type of oil used but vary geographically based on the type of aggregate being mined. Some mix designs are cheaper to produce and not even a trained expert can tell by looking exactly what mix design a contractor is placing on your project. That is why specify what mix design requirements to meet and require all contractors working on our projects to submit a copy of the asphalt mx design to be used prior to the start of the project.

Base Design Consulting

Many people overlook the value of building a solid base to construct an asphalt surface on. Once the asphalt is finished the base does not carry much structural significance or value when it comes to the longevity of the project. That being said, it is one of the most important factors in properly compacting the asphalt surface. The base aggregate must be properly designed to enable the contractor to achieve good, solid compaction of the new asphalt to prevent premature oxidation and structural failures. There are many ways to enhance the structural stability of the aggregate base depending on the site and soil conditions and we have designed them all.

Site Use Optimization

Land is expensive and we understand the value of making the most out of what you have to work with. Through various techniques such as porous pavement, underground detention and drainage aggregate basin techniques, we can help you get the most use out of your limited space. We know how frustrating it is to waste 10%-15% of your parking lot and greenspace to an unsightly detention pond that is usually worthless.



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